I'm Angela. I'm a wife and mamma to a sweet baby girl.

From a young age I was always drawn to perfecting. Not obsessing over perfecting a particular skill, but perfecting whatever I spent time on – checking measurements, reference lines, proofreading essays, math word problems (lol), etc. Admittedly I've surrendered to some of this perfecting, partly because of burnout and partly because of priority shifts and life showing me it's bigger than a typo. Despite this however, I carry this attitude with me and it sure does shine it's little craze every so often as I work on finding that happy middle of perfection.

When I'm in a funk or just want to reminiscence, I sometimes ask my husband to tell me stories from the past, challenging him to tell me something he's never told me before – a story from his childhood, a feeling he had back when we were dating, or a school memory (we basically went to the same schools our whole lives so these memories are extra juicy and fun for me). I love rediscovering lost moments. It's like I'm 10 again – or whatever age the memory is from – reliving the moment. I know this is why I appreciate beautiful photographs and why I am drawn to a style of photographing that brings you back and opens you up to share a story you might have never told, whether it was about something that happened that day, how you felt, what you smelled, a thought you had, who you were

I’ve also been known to be the contemplator. Trademarked as the sibling who could never make a decision only nurtured this. I think about things hard. I’m sure this is why I don’t let my past get too far away from me. I still cringe at the depths I would go in graduation and other guest speeches I’ve given –gotta love your teens. Now, being married to a philosopher, this constant state of reflecting remains – granted, with some more realism and maturity – but nonetheless remains and gets stronger as more life is lived, if not by crafted words in a speech, in the little feelings that fill my very average everydays.

My thoughts seem hazier now and reflections are in split second moments that are sometimes hard to grasp instead of endless high school journal entries. Regardless, I still long for immense meaning and wholeness. I desire, as we all, to do something that makes me look back on my life with acceptance. I know this will come ultimately from what I do in my family, for my husband, for my daughter and her future siblings, but I want to give what I can in this small area of my life with help from my detail oriented and sentimental heart. I want to photograph life – to witness love, capture it, obsess over it, and return it back to you not just in files and .jpegs, but in endless stories and depth.


My Catholic faith makes me who I am, influencing and guiding all that I do. As a Catholic, I seek to acknowledge my gifts and desire to do whatever the Lord is leading me to do with courage and trust. If you are a fellow Christian, please pray for me that I may be obedient to our Lord, and please know of my prayers for all those who take the time to visit my site, and especially for those who trust me as their photographer.


Joseph, my best friend, my muse, and now father to our sweet baby girl!! Joe's a hoot and my biggest supporter. If you end up hiring me, you might get the chance to meet him – he has a playful spirit and an extremely innovative mind (#philosophymajor), so if he's free, I like to bring him along on my shoots. The more creativity the better! He's also my built in, free labor second-shooter/gear & baby holder/etc. sooo yeah he'll probably be there.