This service is for the engaged and married or anyone who’s interested in a custom sweatshirt with a special church, home, or landmark embroidered on it.

I will be taking custom orders and drawing the requested church/house/landmark and getting the sketch embroidered on a sweatshirt. Orders can be for just 1 sweatshirt up to large bulk orders for a group of people. If you would like more information on this please fill out the order form below and note you are inquiring for a "bulk order."

I was inspired to make this service as I was making the St. James sweatshirts and thought of how special it would be for others to have a personal sweatshirt made for themselves or others.

I specifically have engaged couples in mind for this service as they await their wedding day wearing something throughout their engagement that will remind them of where they will soon be making their vows.

This would also be such a unique and meaningful anniversary gift either for your spouse or a friend to showcase a certain church, a childhood home, or some other special place.